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When you mix an affinity for cannabis with packaging expertise and high quality processing experience you get the team at CCPS.

We understand the important role that packaging plays in your branding process and the overall quality of your cannabis product, this gives us a strategic advantage of understanding what a consumer wants from their cannabis experience and how we can help you deliver that.​
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Cannabis Processing /

Co - Packing

Our Processing Services include artisan style co-packing / filling of flower, pre - rolls, concentrates and vape cartridges.  Flower is weighed and packed by hand to ensure accuracy and a high quality product.  We have the ability to shred and roll pre - rolls in mass quantity along with packing concentrates and filling vape cartridges.

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Child Resistant Packaging / Secondary Packaging

Our manufacturing partners are the industry leaders in child resistant packaging and we have the largest product offering with the most unique selections on the market in Canada.  Our buying power allows you to pay below market price for your packaging increasing your margins and keeping it simple dealing with only one supplier.

Image by Austin Distel

The Brand Factory /

Design Services

The Brand Factory is a one stop shop solution for new cannabis brands.  We take you through all of the steps of getting your product to market by way of your own product or private label services including design, sourcing quality cannabis, child resistant packaging, processing / fulfillment, storage and distribution.




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